Friday, March 28, 2008


COLOMBO: According to a report we carried in our inside pages yesterday 44 ex-LTTE combatants who are undergoing rehabilitation at a centre in Tellipalai, Jaffna are in high spirits and happy with their treatment. Included in the programme are visits by religious leaders to the Centre for counselling and other measures to induct them into a livelihood that would one day enable them to enter society and be accepted as worthy citizens. While it may take time for these once hardcore LTTE fighters to shake themselves off their brutalised psyche the effort is a truly worthy exercise given that these unfortunate youth had no say or choice in their predicament. According to the report these hapless youth were following the diktats of the senior LTTE cadres under pain of death. There maybe many others of their ilk who are similarly trapped and waiting for an opportunity to break free. The recent spate of defections by LTTE child soldiers is a clear indication of this that also provides a sample of the life behind the iron curtain.

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