Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Forced into joining the terror campaign at a tender young age, recruits such as these pose little difficulty to the seasoned terrorist conscriptors task of brain washing them completely into becoming suicide warriors. Deprived of an education and often dignity, forced into sexual servitude to gratify their Tamil Tiger superiors, these women possess little hope of ever being able to assimilate into civillian life. Surprisingly none of the vociferous Human Rights Organizations that are ever so quick to chastise the Sri Lankan government on allegations real or imaginary, ever speak up enough for these unfortunates. In Tamil Tiger dominated Vanni, a head start for your child is a training camp for suicide bombers...

Image below;
Many of the young lasses shown here by now have been physically and sexually abused by the Tamil Tigers into a mental state of self-abhorrance, a psychological state which makes them ideal for suicide terrorism. Gang rape often precedes the indoctrination phase, and the Tamil tiger heirarchy often are entrusted with the priviledge of deflowering the virgin recruits.

Predominantly Hindu tamil culture requires women to prove their virginity on the wedding night to be considered worthy spouses. For these girls, life is over, and suicide offers a convenient way out of that reality.

Women are being forced into joining the LTTE, and are homesick, according to letters purportedly recovered from slain woman militants in Sri Lanka. "Every LTTE cadre is anxious to see his or her parents and I will come home for pongal (festival) though I do not know what my fate will be," said one letter recovered by security forces from a slain woman militant.

"Amma, what can I do? When all those at home in the area were taken away, I too had to go with them (LTTE)," said the letter, which was released by the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) to the media. The letter, written in Tamil, with small portions in English, said "every fighter cries 'Amma' and 'Appa' at the time of their heroic death. They are all anxious to see their mothers." The militant said the cadres had to crawl to bring food and water in the front lines amidst the firing of mortars in the restive northern plains. "Amma, please reply (to) every letter which I send. I hope for a reply on the same day itself -- your loving daughter Daya Nagai Nila."

Another militant said she was forced to join the LTTE by her parents in spite of her objections. "Vijee now I am in Manalaru (Welioya in Jaffna) where clashes erupt very often. Many of my good friends perished in the attacks. Attacks take place everyday, I am not sure of my life. Death may come to us today or tomorrow," she wrote. The woman said her parents had to "hand me over to the organisation (LTTE) in spite of my objections. What else can I do here other than dying?"

[Source: The Times of India]

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I could not stop laughing over this article; an idiot from a certain Sri Lankan minority ethnic group that always whines about step-motherly treatment, burnt his sorry ass into char-coal, attempting to imitate 'Hanuman' the monkey-king of hindu scripture.

Hanuman is said to have led an army of monkeys against Sri Lankan king Ravana. With his tail on fire, Hanuman the ape king is said to have set many cities in Sri Lanka on fire...or so the story goes. In true south Indian style the story discounts the importance of the technological advances said to have been possessed by the Sri Lankan king Ravana, including a winged flying machine.

Anyway, here the hilarious story.....

"..It was a tragic end for a 27-year-old man who died of burn injuries after his attempt to enact the 'Burning of the Lanka' by Lord Hanuman went awry during celebrations of a Tamil festival in Kandy region.
Kanapathi Rajah, dressed as the monkey-god during performance of the episodes of 'Ramayana', set a tail attached to his attire ablaze, but the flames swept fast and spread all over his body.
The incident took place at a temple in the hilly Kandy region on the Thaipongal Day last week.
Rajah was rushed to a hospital in Nawalapitiya, about 120 kms from Colombo, with severe burns, but succumbed to his injuries after two days of treatment, media reported here..."


Monday, January 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton receiving funding from a well-known foreign terrorist organization (the LTTE)

We are writing to you to bring to your attention a very serious development regarding the 2007-08 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Please find attached relevant articles for your information and we would be pleased to e-mail you additional supporting documents at your request.

We have learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign is receiving funding/support from a well known terrorist organization (the LTTE) based in Sri Lanka - in exchange for her support in getting the LTTE US ban lifted and achieving their illegal claim for an independent state in Sri Lanka. The LTTE is banned in many countries, including the US, UK, Canada, EU, India, etc. (see attached documents)

Ram Ranjan is mentioned in the first article as one of the major fund raisers for Hillary Clinton in NJ. Ranjan is a well known LTTE/TRO member who has been lobbying/influencing US politicians for decades. Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), a front organization of the LTTE was banned in the US on 17 Nov. 2007. But years before the banning the TRO was under investigation by the US State Dept.
The Clinton fund-raising website with Ram Ranjan's name is also included (Doc name: HillaryWebsitewithName.doc - attached).

Interestingly, the website has deleted the names of hosts since articles exposing Ram Ranjan's connection to Hillary Clinton campaign appeared in the news! Also ironic is that the glowing articles on Hillary Clinton which appeared in the LTTE website, tamilnet, have also disappeared since the Ram Ranjan story appeared on the internet!

Ram Ranjan is one of the main organizers of the annual LTTE Heroes Day convened in New Jersey (& elsewhere in the Western world). The Heroes Day event is convened to give maximum publicity to the Tamil Tiger terrorists and illegally raise funds for their terrorist activities in Sri Lanka around the world. These events are closely monitored by the FBI (and London Police in the UK).

[A British MP (Keith Vaz, originally from South India) is currently under investigation by the London Police for his participation in the 2007 LTTE Heroes Day event held in London in December.
The FBI has information on Ram Ranjan's participation in the 2006 Heroes Day in New Jersey. They also have information on his participation in the 2007 Heroes Day event. Ranjan is under FBI surveillance].

Please read the Janes Intelligence Review article of Sept 2007 for background info on the LTTE/TRO.

As you know, Alison Mitchell of the NYTimes wrote an article on Al Gore receiving funds from a Taiwanese group based on LA in the 1997 campaign. This article appeared in the front page of the NYTimes.
But, in this case, Hillary Clinton is receiving funding from one of the most brutal and ruthless terrorist organizations in the world. This should be reported as no presidential candidate should ever have any dealings with terrorists. They have been designated as such by the US State Dept (in 1997 by the then president Bill Clinton)

Hillary Clinton's timely statement on 24 Oct. 2007, on the LTTE (attached), stating that this terrorist group has a special status, is an obvious example of a close between her and this terrorist group. The LTTE makes a net profit of US$ 200 to US$ 300 million a year.
Could we say that this is blood money that's given to US presidential candidates by known terrorist organizations in exchange for political favors?. Could it be that the Hillary Campaign is not fully aware that it is the LTTE which is funding her campaign? LTTE has engaged in this type of lobbying for decades in the US and other Western countries.

We would be grateful of you would bring this matter to the attention of the American public as they deserve to know the truth.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Concerned citizens

Tamil Tiger suicide bomber targets tamil politician

The world's first real life recording of a suicide bombing.

This is the masters of the suicide bombing game, the Tamil Tigers doing what they do best; blosing people up.

Tamil Tigers Recruit Child Soldiers

People in the northern Sri Lankan city of Kilinochchi say the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or Tamil Tigers, insurgents are forcing families to turn over at least one family member to serve as combatants. Among those forcibly recruited are children.

In testimony before the European Parliament, Charu Hogg, representing Human Rights Watch, an independent human rights monitor, says the Tamil Tigers have “forcibly recruited for combat boys, girls, men and women.” The insurgent group, said Ms. Hogg, “continues to murder its political opponents, largely in the Tamil community, and runs a near totalitarian state in the areas of the country’s north and east under its control.”


Forcibly conscripted under-age combatants undergo arms training in an undisclosed Tamil Tiger training camp. The Sri Lankan Air Force attacked a training such as this a few months ago, killing approx 60 conscripts. The international media and human rights circus went wild attempting to define the attack as a human rights violation by the government.

Whether forcibly or not, once made to bear arms for a terrorist outfit, even innocents become legitimate targets to the armed forces that guard the nation against terrorism. Innocents such as these are truly caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.