Saturday, March 29, 2008

'Just a true Canadian': alleged Tiger bagman

MAPLE, Ont. -Prapa Thambithurai lives in a suburban duplex north of Toronto, near the looping roller coaster tracks and fake theme park mountains of Canada's Wonderland.
"I'm just a true Canadian," is how he described himself.
But police allege the 45-year-old satellite dish installer, who emigrated from Sri Lanka two decades ago, is also a bagman for the Tamil Tigers, the guerrilla group that pioneered suicide bombings.

Friday, March 28, 2008


COLOMBO: Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara Thursday said that the LTTE was now disposing of the bodies of their cadres killed in battle without handing them over to the parents."The depleted LTTE is adopting this ruse because a large number of Tiger cadres have been killed in confrontations with the security forces and if their bodies were handed over to the parents or their families, as in the past it would hamper their recruitment drive," he said.
During the past few weeks the troops recovered a large number of decomposed bodies of LTTE cadres thrown into the jungles after they died in battle, he said.


COLOMBO: According to a report we carried in our inside pages yesterday 44 ex-LTTE combatants who are undergoing rehabilitation at a centre in Tellipalai, Jaffna are in high spirits and happy with their treatment. Included in the programme are visits by religious leaders to the Centre for counselling and other measures to induct them into a livelihood that would one day enable them to enter society and be accepted as worthy citizens. While it may take time for these once hardcore LTTE fighters to shake themselves off their brutalised psyche the effort is a truly worthy exercise given that these unfortunate youth had no say or choice in their predicament. According to the report these hapless youth were following the diktats of the senior LTTE cadres under pain of death. There maybe many others of their ilk who are similarly trapped and waiting for an opportunity to break free. The recent spate of defections by LTTE child soldiers is a clear indication of this that also provides a sample of the life behind the iron curtain.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


A picture is worth a thousand words.
Here's proof that in terror infested parts of Sri Lanka the Catholic Church has fallen victim to the tamil tiger terrorist group.

Monday, March 24, 2008


S C Chandrahasan is the son of Samuvel Selvnayagam, a Tamil leader who was known as the Mahatma Gandhi of Sri Lanka. After the island-nation's ethnic conflict began in 1983, Chandrahasan founded the Organisation For Eelam Refugees' Rehabilitation.

OFERR works in Sri Lanka and India, and has offices in all the 104 refugee camps in Tamil Nadu. It also works in the north and east of Sri Lanka, two regions badly affected in the conflict.
The soft-spoken leader slams both the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam for the mess in the island state.

He spoke at length to's Special Correspondent A Ganesh Nadar.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Terrorism and Transnational Crime:
The Case of the LTTE

by John Thompson

Paper to the Centre for Conflict Studies Fall Seminar, October 3-4, 2003


The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are a fascinating and complex group; and until the 9-11 attacks, I thought them the most dangerous group in the world. This wasnÌt because of lethal intentions, al Qaeda had earlier demonstrated its primacy in this regard, but rather because of the sophistication and organization of their political fronts and fundraising networks.

[ ]


Sri Lanka
The 2002 cease-fire between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, continued to erode amidst numerous violations and escalating military engagement between the LTTE and government security forces. The Sri Lankan Army remained deployed across the country to fight the insurgency. The paramilitary Special Task Force (STF) police were deployed both in the east and in strategic locations in the west.

The LTTE conducted a campaign of targeted assassinations against political and military opponents. This included the April assassination attempt of Sri Lanka Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka and the assassination of the Army Third-in-Command; the August 12 assassination of the Government of Sri Lanka's Secretariat for the Coordination of the Peace Process, Deputy Director Keteshwaran Loganathan; and the December 1 suicide bomber's attempt on the life of Defense Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa, the President's brother. The Karuna faction, a dissident faction of the LTTE, conducted its own assassination campaign against the LTTE and pro-LTTE civilians in the east.

Following the assassination of Foreign Minister Kadirgamar in August 2005, the government enacted emergency regulations giving arrest power to members of the armed forces, who were required to turn suspects over to the police within 24 hours. Individuals arrested under the emergency regulations may be detained for up to one year. Under these regulations, 148 persons were arrested; most have already been released. A revised Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), enacted in December, strengthened these powers.

The LTTE financed itself with contributions from the Tamil Diaspora in North America, Europe, and Australia, and by imposing local "taxes" on businesses operating in the areas of Sri Lanka under its control. Using this money, LTTE weapons were purchased on the international black market or captured from the Sri Lankan Army. Many LTTE innovations, such as explosive belts, vests, and bras, using female suicide bombers, and waterborne suicide attacks against ships, have been copied by other terrorist groups.

In general, the LTTE did not target U.S. citizens or assets, limiting attacks to Sri Lankan security forces, political figures, civilians, and businesses. However, two suicide bomb attacks on VIP motorcades in Colombo occurred within half a mile of the U.S. embassy on roads frequently traveled by Embassy employees.

Sri Lankan cooperation with the FBI has resulted in arrests of persons charged with material support to terrorist groups. The Sri Lankan government cooperated with U.S. efforts to track terrorist financing, although no assets were identified. The United States also provided training for relevant Sri Lankan government agencies and the banking sector. The government cooperated with the United States to implement both the Container Security Initiative and the Megaports program at the port of Colombo.



A young tamil Tiger has been arrested when he approached a civillian residence in the Buddhangala area, gesturing for food. Dressed in typical LTTE camoflage and carrying a T-56 weapon and the usual LTTE paraphanelia, the youth obviously had been without food for a few days and had finally approached the house, upon which he had been arrested and handed over to the police.

Sri Lankans being Sri Lankan, will still treat this guy as a human being should be treated. If the roles had reversed, the outcome would certainly have been different.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A letter home...from a Tamil Tiger

This is a lamentation of a female Tiger cadre Jenny, who died in a recent battle with the Sri Lanka Army in Parapakandal, located in the Mannar district. After her death, letter was recovered from her.

The letter reveals the mentality of the female cadre who was recruited forcefully by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to be a cannon fodder in a meaningless battle which has so far killed more than 20,000 LTTE cadres alone.

In one of the letters found on the body of the female cadre reveals that she did not join the LTTE voluntarily. She was forcefully conscripted. She knew very well that she will never be able to leave the grip of the Tamil Tigers. Her yearnings to be reunited with her father, mother, sisters, brothers and others in the family did not materialize.

"When will I be able to get out of this hell? I am not sure whether it might ever happen," she writes with frustration and finality. The letter has been translated verbatim.


Loving Appa, Amma, Raj ini, Dercy, Gamri, Kuyinsa, Tharakutti, Thambakutti ... I am all right. I pray God that you be blessed. Is Amma well?

There is a rumor here that something has happened at home.

I am crying and shedding tears here. Our handler will send us home if there is a problem at home. But nobody knows whether it would ever happen.

I send a latter to Amma. The person who undertook to deliver the letter promised to bring back a reply from Amma. But so far I have not heard anything from that person.

I already send five letters home. Did you receive them? I will send this letter by hand through Suda teacher's Shanthi (English teacher at Pudukudirippu).

I am now at the rear base of Mullikulam in Mannar. The area is always shelled. We use to run to bunkers for safety. When will I be able to get out of this hell? I am not sure whether it might ever happen.

Amma, Appa, Raj ini and all, I always remember you. Don't unnecessarily waste your time thinking about me and fasting without food. If Amma falls sick seriously, inform me. Then they will arrange to show her to me.

Amma, don't worry about me. I am all right. Can't help. This is the path that God has crated for me I live with the hope that some day or other God Almighty will reunite us.

Appa, I am safe here by the Grace of God that you daily worship. Amma, do they still arrest the family members of deserters? Now they abduct two if there are five in the family.

Amma, please sent away Sarasila to Vavuniya. Otherwise, she will also be abducted.

How is Jagsa? Is uncle writing to you? What is Thuvajara doing? How is Shashi Akka?

Getting my release from here is only a dream, but you must not be moved by that. Let's wait and see whether they will leave me to go home.
I am sorry that my age is passing. What else shall I write?
Dercy, Kawsita, be careful don't be obstinate.
Kara, Kutti, Thambi you also be careful. God bless you.

T. Jenny

Jenny finally finds peace in death, sacrificed for the lost cause of a megalo maniacal culture which has yet to learn to live in harmony with other communities.