Thursday, January 24, 2008


I could not stop laughing over this article; an idiot from a certain Sri Lankan minority ethnic group that always whines about step-motherly treatment, burnt his sorry ass into char-coal, attempting to imitate 'Hanuman' the monkey-king of hindu scripture.

Hanuman is said to have led an army of monkeys against Sri Lankan king Ravana. With his tail on fire, Hanuman the ape king is said to have set many cities in Sri Lanka on fire...or so the story goes. In true south Indian style the story discounts the importance of the technological advances said to have been possessed by the Sri Lankan king Ravana, including a winged flying machine.

Anyway, here the hilarious story.....

"..It was a tragic end for a 27-year-old man who died of burn injuries after his attempt to enact the 'Burning of the Lanka' by Lord Hanuman went awry during celebrations of a Tamil festival in Kandy region.
Kanapathi Rajah, dressed as the monkey-god during performance of the episodes of 'Ramayana', set a tail attached to his attire ablaze, but the flames swept fast and spread all over his body.
The incident took place at a temple in the hilly Kandy region on the Thaipongal Day last week.
Rajah was rushed to a hospital in Nawalapitiya, about 120 kms from Colombo, with severe burns, but succumbed to his injuries after two days of treatment, media reported here..."


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