Monday, January 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton receiving funding from a well-known foreign terrorist organization (the LTTE)

We are writing to you to bring to your attention a very serious development regarding the 2007-08 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Please find attached relevant articles for your information and we would be pleased to e-mail you additional supporting documents at your request.

We have learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign is receiving funding/support from a well known terrorist organization (the LTTE) based in Sri Lanka - in exchange for her support in getting the LTTE US ban lifted and achieving their illegal claim for an independent state in Sri Lanka. The LTTE is banned in many countries, including the US, UK, Canada, EU, India, etc. (see attached documents)

Ram Ranjan is mentioned in the first article as one of the major fund raisers for Hillary Clinton in NJ. Ranjan is a well known LTTE/TRO member who has been lobbying/influencing US politicians for decades. Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), a front organization of the LTTE was banned in the US on 17 Nov. 2007. But years before the banning the TRO was under investigation by the US State Dept.
The Clinton fund-raising website with Ram Ranjan's name is also included (Doc name: HillaryWebsitewithName.doc - attached).

Interestingly, the website has deleted the names of hosts since articles exposing Ram Ranjan's connection to Hillary Clinton campaign appeared in the news! Also ironic is that the glowing articles on Hillary Clinton which appeared in the LTTE website, tamilnet, have also disappeared since the Ram Ranjan story appeared on the internet!

Ram Ranjan is one of the main organizers of the annual LTTE Heroes Day convened in New Jersey (& elsewhere in the Western world). The Heroes Day event is convened to give maximum publicity to the Tamil Tiger terrorists and illegally raise funds for their terrorist activities in Sri Lanka around the world. These events are closely monitored by the FBI (and London Police in the UK).

[A British MP (Keith Vaz, originally from South India) is currently under investigation by the London Police for his participation in the 2007 LTTE Heroes Day event held in London in December.
The FBI has information on Ram Ranjan's participation in the 2006 Heroes Day in New Jersey. They also have information on his participation in the 2007 Heroes Day event. Ranjan is under FBI surveillance].

Please read the Janes Intelligence Review article of Sept 2007 for background info on the LTTE/TRO.

As you know, Alison Mitchell of the NYTimes wrote an article on Al Gore receiving funds from a Taiwanese group based on LA in the 1997 campaign. This article appeared in the front page of the NYTimes.
But, in this case, Hillary Clinton is receiving funding from one of the most brutal and ruthless terrorist organizations in the world. This should be reported as no presidential candidate should ever have any dealings with terrorists. They have been designated as such by the US State Dept (in 1997 by the then president Bill Clinton)

Hillary Clinton's timely statement on 24 Oct. 2007, on the LTTE (attached), stating that this terrorist group has a special status, is an obvious example of a close between her and this terrorist group. The LTTE makes a net profit of US$ 200 to US$ 300 million a year.
Could we say that this is blood money that's given to US presidential candidates by known terrorist organizations in exchange for political favors?. Could it be that the Hillary Campaign is not fully aware that it is the LTTE which is funding her campaign? LTTE has engaged in this type of lobbying for decades in the US and other Western countries.

We would be grateful of you would bring this matter to the attention of the American public as they deserve to know the truth.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Concerned citizens

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