Saturday, April 5, 2008


COLOMBO: Mannar’s Catholic Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph Friday appealed for assistance from the Vatican to resolve the prevailing volatile security situation in the Madhu Church area. This follows intensified fighting close to the shrine that led to the sacred statue of ‘Our Lady of Madhu’ being moved out of the Church and deep into uncleared areas in the north, for the first time in four centuries. Controversy surrounds the removal of the sacred statue, with many questioning why it was moved into an un- cleared area instead of taking it to the Bishop’s House in Mannar. ..


Rayappu Joseph and his band of Tamil terrorist supporters have launched their own agenda of creating a 'Catholic nation' out of the already failed concept of a mono-ethnic Eelam. The basic idea is a nation in which only Tamil speaking Catholics will be allowed to live in, under rule by fear.

Sri Lanka has been treading softly and cautiously around the issue to avoid a confrontation with the Vatican, which weilds more power than most nations on earth. Nevertheless a catalytic event is looming on this front, as the result of a gradual build up towards an eventual religious confrontation as a result of Bishop Rayappu Joseph's actions. Sri Lanka needs to step out of its apprehensions and deal firmly with this terrorist in a cassock.

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